A Spice Above

A Spice Above Party Dips come in 19 assorted flavors.  They are all made from natural ingredients, are gluten free, and contain no MSG or preservatives.  We assure you that all our party dips tastes as good as they are for you. They are so simple to make, that you’ll want to serve them at every entertainment opportunity. Keep some extras on hand for a last minute snack or use as a sandwich spread instead of the usual mayonnaise or mustard!  Simply mix the spice mix with sour cream and mayonnaise for a tasty vegetable or chip dip. There’s a party in every packet!

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A Spice Above Dip Pricing

Individual packets $ 6.00 || Buy 3 for $ 15.00 || Buy 5 for $ 20.00 || Buy 8 for $ 30.00 || Buy 10 for $ 35.00

A Spice Above Dips

Beat the Heat Habanero: This is our hottest dip and it’s spicy enough for those who love a good kick.

Caramelized French Dip: This dip goes great with chips, pretzels, veggies, and anything else you like to dip.

Cha Cha Chipotle: Try it with anything you want to spice up!

Cool as a Cucumber: This dip is refreshing and delicious! One taste of this dip and you will be hooked.

Dilly Delight: If you love dill than this is the dip for you! It has a great flavor and goes great with veggies.

Gringo Guacamole: Use it by itself or put it into your favorite taco dips!

Hearty Cheddar Bacon: Truly a crowd pleaser! This cheddar bacon has an aged cheddar taste. Try it on potatoes for a change.

Hot Jalapeno: Hot, that is how to describe this dip! This dip has a blend of chilies and jalapenos that will make your taste buds sizzle

Kickin’ Tomato Horseradish: If you like horseradish this dip is for you! Try it on your favorite sandwich or season your favorite beef roast.

Loaded Baked Potato: This dip has a great sour cream and chive flavor. Great with chips and veggies but don’t forget to try it on a baked potato! One of our best sellers.

Oven-Roasted Garlic: A garlic lovers delight. This dip can be used for many things. Use it on pasta, in sauces, meats, veggies, potatoes, and of course as a dip. The number one seller!

Spectacular Spinach Dip: If you love spinach dip this dip will not disappoint! Try it with pasta or bread.

Spring Garden Vegetable: Super for veggie platters! Steam some asparagus and top with this dip.

Stuffed Artichoke: For those artichoke lovers try it with crackers or make a cheese ball with it.

Tango Taco: This dip is delicious! Enjoy it as a dip or use it to season your tacos or other Mexican dishes.

Tuscan Tomato Basil: It has a wonderful basil flavor! Great for dipping or use the spice to season pasta or homemade pizza!

Western Ranch: This is one of our best sellers. Try this with salad, wings, chicken and anything else you can think of!

Danish Bleu Cheese: It has a great bleu cheese flavor and goes great with everything. Try it with wings!

King of the Sea: The newest addition. This dip has real crab, lobster, and shrimp! Try it today, you will be glad you did.

A Spice Above Dip Chiller($35) Chiller Gift Set With Three Dips of Your Choice: The chiller will keep your favorite dip cold all afternoon! It comes with your choice of three dips. This gift set makes a great gift for the dip lover on your list or the entertainer on your list! It also makes a great gift for yourself!

($30) Chiller Gift Set Without Dips